Setting the Mood: But I’m a 90’s Bitch.

By |June 16th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

90s-fashionAs fashion is cyclical and nothing new is truly original, it’s no surprise that the 90’s are having a major moment (something we’ve discussed before).  With the return of trends like Birkenstocks, babydoll dresses, and scrunchies, we are in the midst of the second coming of Donna Martin and Cher Horowitz.  The funny thing about the 90’s trend is that it seems the consumption is made up mostly by the generation born during that decade.  Which probably explains why we seem to have forgotten all of the cringeworthy trends like, oh, say butterfly clips and plastic outerwear.  I suppose that’s what we do to romanticize most memories though.  And so, let’s hold onto the good and forget about the bad by revisiting a decade responsible for Spice Girls and beanie babies though some would encourage us , “DNR- Do not resuscitate.”

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Setting the Mood: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Again.

By |October 8th, 2013|Setting the Mood|

90s grunge styleThe 90’s: a decade I can get behind.  Rather than leaving us with treasures like bad perms. legwarmers, and the hair bands of the 80’s, this decade was the cooler, more rebellious little sister.   I always wondered why anyone wanted to purposely look like an asshole by throwing an 80’s theme party.  Some things are meant to be left in the past.  Like your ex’s and that one school photo when you had braces and DIY bangs.

The 90’s left the legacies of grunge, garage bands and fashion trends worth repeating.  Combat boots, babydoll dresses, and anything plaid are 90’s style essentials (not to mention some of this fall’s must haves).  Unkempt hair, porcelain skin, and a deep wine pout are the beauty staples to complete your trip back in time.  Bonus points for being able to borrow your boo’s blouse.  Your flannel, is my flannel, honey.  Hello, androgyny.  Recall CkOne?  Who didn’t love My So Called Life and who can forget the queen of grunge, Ms. Courtney Love?  Starting to see why sometimes history is worth repeating?

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Why Did You Wear That: Miami, What are YOU wearing?

By |December 5th, 2008|Why Did You Wear That?|

I think I may have hit the mother load. I love Miami, but seriously, I am disturbed by some of the attire I saw from these Miami party pictures. Are there a lack of mirrors there? I would be more than happy to donate personally if that’s what the problem is.

Do you kind of wonder what happened here? On one hand, I do give the young lady on the left some credit for not falling into the trap of “jeans and varied black slutty top,” however, did it HAVE to be a tie dyed t-shirt and annoying headband thing (what is with that anyway?).

Nothing annoys me more than guys like this. I mean, he might be a perfectly nice guy and save kittens for a living, but I guarantee if he walked up to me in a bar I would run the other way. I don’t even know him and I don’t like him. I know you are not John Gotti, so please stop with the lame ganster hat, thanks. (more…)