Why Did You Wear That: Seeing Red

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fall trends 2014 sweater dressIt can be tricky trying to decide what color to wear with red.  When I was younger, I had an incredibly strong aversion to wearing black with red.  To me, it came off as a little cheap.  I don’t feel as strongly about it now as I did when I was sixteen, but I still prefer other options over basic black when accessorizing with bold red.  Well then, what options is one left with when black is eliminated?  You could opt for luggage colored brown, or even a soft taupe.  Another great option is grey (also a fall trend).  In this instance, I had forgotten I even had these deep oxblood Pour La Victoire boots hidden beneath my bed (that’s how we store shoes here in New York).  As soon as I’d wiped away the dust bunnies, I recalled that I also had a vintage bag from my mother that was of the same shade.  Once a complete faux pas and something only worn by women donning their Sunday best for morning mass, I threw caution to the wind and got wild by matching my shoes to my bag.  Another option right on trend would be to wear a leopard boot or carry a leopard clutch (thous in this instance, I’d opt for one or the other).  It may seem a little bit “The Nanny” but I actually believe despite what men say, that leopard is sort of a new neutral.  Besides, did Fran not get her man?

Speaking of my man and matching, Smitty celebrated his eighth birthday and one of his doting aunts was sweet enough to bestow him with his own scarlet sweater.  She pays attention to fall trends too.  Pretty much Smitty and I became this fall’s Justin and Britney, Katy and Riff Raff.  Sure, my sweater is just about the same size as Smitty’s and technically it’s just an oversized jumper as opposed to an official frock, but it’s not the first, nor will it be the last, time wherein I wear something not as it’s intended.

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how to wear a trench coatcoat: Michael Kors, sweater: Zara, similar by 6397 here, bag: vintage, similar by Oliveve here, shoes: Pour La Victoire, similar by Opening Ceremony here, dog: Smitty, Smitty’s sweater: handmade, similar by Ralph Lauren here, lips: Benefit Benetint





Photos by Michael Stiegler—-> have you check out his interview with Skinny Says Relax?

Setting the Mood: Pet Project

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When people ask me what I’m passionate about, there are two things that always come up: fashion and animals.  I can understand why some might furrow their brows in confusion upon hearing that.  They don’t seem like two things that normally go together.  My parents thought I might become a veterinarian seeing as I was always begging for a new pet, be it a guinea pig or a pot belly pig.  I’m also the same kid who rescued and bottle fed baby squirrels and wild rabbits.  And I think I’ve been quite clear about Smitty.  Then again, my first temper tantrum was over a pair or red patent leather shoes…

I have always wished for a way to combine two of my great loves.  Just short of starting a dog t-shirt line, I haven’t been able to come up with much.  However, it seems I’m not alone in my love for all things furry.  These photos show just how much a pooch can add to your Prada or a kitty can jazz up your Calvins.  Turns out your furry friend may very well be your best accessory.

1. Space Living Bosco Dog Bed, $67, 2. Balenciaga Classic Dog Leash, $295, 3. Bark n Bag Luxury Plush Pet Toy Set, $32, 4. I LOVE MY DOG Sweater, $130

Sit.  Stay.  Good girl.