How To Tuesday: Damsel in Distressed Denim

destroyed denimIt seems counterintuitive to want to wear something that looks like it’s been handed down– for several generations, but destroyed denim came back onto the fashion scene several seasons ago and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I especially like it for the warmer months as if those extra holes are going to provide any extra ventilation in prevention of the dreaded “swamp ass.”  My parents are always confused when I wear a pair of shredded jeans around them… even more so when they find out how much I shelled out for them.  So, if you are anything like Dick and Georgia and want to achieve the look of distressed denim without distressing your bank account, I have the tricks to DIY destroyed denim.  You can also apply all of these techniques to denim cut off shorts (like the ones I taught you how to make last spring here).



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Why Did You Wear That: Get Sprung- Spring Did.
Written by: WhyDid | Why Did You Wear That?

Spring is officially here, so it’s time to overhaul your closets.  Time to toss the sweaters and leggings (thank god) and get ready to show some skin.  It’s time to stimulate our economy (it’s called being proactive).  So what if Obama’s trying to take back everyone’s bonuses?  Might as well look cute in the poorhouse.

  • Leather jacket- Wear it with jeans and a tank or over a long maxi dress. Works with both and gives you an easy “I didn’t try too hard” look. (Don’t worry, if you’re feeling timid, you don’t have to go with black. Try a shade of grey or tan).


Young Fabulous and Broke Leather Bomber, $448

  • Body Con dress- What have you been going to the gym for?  Shed off those extra layers and show off your toned bod.

marciano Marciano Jennifer Dress, $128

(Kill two spring birds with one stone with a one shoulder style)

american-apparelAmerican Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Pencil Dress, $41

(American Apparel always has these clingy little numbers. Good for a fast, cheap fix). (more…)

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