Weekend Playlist: I’m Festive, Ok?

By |December 21st, 2013|Weekend Playlist|

dr seuss the grinchIt should not be news to you by now that I do not enjoy Christmas music.  I just don’t, alright?  You think that makes me a Scrooge?  Well, I also despise ugly Christmas sweater parties, Secret Santas, and candy canes.  I’m a horrible human being, I know.  Shock of all shocks, I have a hard time stomaching any and all things that have been universally commercialized.  I’m not completely heartless though.  I do like some of the things that surround Christmas, like spending time with your family and loved ones, festive cocktails, and mistltoe.  Big fan of mistletoe.

But because I know that many (okay, most) of you do love all things Christmas and are more likely than not in the midst of sucking down a candy cane embellished cup of eggnog wearing hideous holiday knitwear just itching to deck the halls to some Christmas carols, I’ve put together a mix of the poppiest Christmas songs on the planet.  Because if we’re going down this route, let’s go big, loud, and cheesy.  While some of you prefer the classics, nothing says holiday cheer like Silent Night sung by Boyz II Men.