Look for Less: Dolce, Dolce, Dolce

By |January 16th, 2013|Look for Less, Why Did You Wear That?|

Remember the bag in last week’s outfit post?  Well, months and months (ie., about a year) ago, I spotted this adorable Dolce & Gabbana bag on net-a-porter.  What a delight!  Then I saw the price tag.  Hardly delightful coming in at a cool three grand.  So, in the infamous words of my mother I said, “I can make that.”  And that I did.  It took me a while to go about gathering up all of my supplies, but last week, I finally complete my mission and I am not one to boast, but I think it turned out pretty amazing… dare I say even better?  I love mine more than Dolce’s (sorry, Stefano) because it’s personalized with my own charms and oh yeah, it didn’t cost $3,000.

What you need:

Black Purse:

I recommend a bag that is not particularly thick so as to be able to stitch through it with limited cursing.

Thread, needle, scissors, needle threader

Charms and pins

What you do:

Thread the needle.

Attach charms one by one.

Continue attaching charms in pins until you end up with… 


And you may end up with a few pricks (no more than your average Friday night out), but the pay off is well worth the work. La dolce vita!



Why Did You Wear That: A Charmed Life

By |December 27th, 2011|Why Did You Wear That?|

 When it comes to accessorizing, I like to stick with tried and true.  This is an area of my wardrobe where I value quality over quantity.  I’d rather have some pieces that I will keep forever and ever than a drawer full of plastic beads and baubles.  One place I like to dangle bling is right around my neck.  I always have on at least one necklace… and most of the time will layer on three at a time in varying lengths.  Each of my necklaces is a simple gold chain with a pendant of significant meaning.  Not only is it a stylish way to wear your memories, it often becomes a great conversation starter (not that you have any trouble striking up a conversation with the cute guy at the bar next to you).  Just be sure to stow your jewels at night so as to avoid a very tangle morning.

1. Jennifer Zeuner Mini Wishbone Necklace, $121, 2. Monserat De Lucca Brass Labrador with Bone Necklace, $50, 3. Maya Brenner Designs California State Charm, $399, 4. Julie Tuton Wish Word Palliette Necklace, $95, 5. Gorjana Feather Pendant Necklace, $80, 6. Waxing Poetic Remedy in a Bottle Love Elixir Pendant, $150, 7. Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set, $84, 8. Jennifer Meyer Gold Arrow Pendant Necklace, $850, 9. West Avenue Jewelry Monogram Disk Necklace, $105, 10. Philip Crangi 14 Karat Gold and Blackened Steel Letter Necklace, $755, 11. Ileana Makri for The Row Diamond Evil Eye Necklace,  $2,945

 1. Little Birch Jewelry Stand, $322. Etched Leaf Mirrored Jewelry Box, $48, 3. Grecian Goddess Bust $14.99

How very charming.