Friday Frocks: 2013- Fun While It Lasted

By |December 20th, 2013|Friday Frocks|

nye partyThe hardest decision you will be forced to make in 2013 is probably what to wear while bidding it adieu.  Oh?  You spent 2013 choosing a graduate school, getting engaged, and curing cancer?  Well, the last eleven months have been slightly less impressive for me.  I still have two halfway written novels collecting dust, a never ending to-do list, and a closet that’s needed to be cleaned out since 2011.  We’ll chock this one up to reacclimating to the East Coast.  Writing this post has actually just sent me into a miniature shame spiral much like when Facebook keeps asking if I’d like to see my year in review.  No.  Absolutely not.  I lived it.  No need to do it again.

But back to what really matters in the grand scheme of life and what will be posted all over your Facebook timeline come January 1st… your party dress!  While some still feel that the last night of the year is the best and most appropriate time to wear a dress strictly constructed of sequins, others feel the onslaught of nausea and would prefer the “anti-sparkle dress.”   I straddle the middle, but am more likely to wear sequins to Duane Reade on a random Tuesday to buy toilet paper than for a specific occasion that calls for them.  That said, there is a happy ending in all of this and its name is metallics.  I think a metallic frock is a much more modern take on shine than the oh so standard sequins.  So, look for something laced with lurex or punched up with patent to get the look sans gagging.

Hm… now that I’ve taken all the trouble out of finding something to wear, now you’ve got an even harder decision?  Who will you plant those luscious lips on at the stroke of midnight?

metallic gatsby dresses nye

1. Jonathan Simkhai Colorblock Boucle Dress, 2. Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville Laser Cut Patent Leather Dress, 3. Oh My Love Metallic Surplice Dress, 4. Opening Ceremony Hope Deep V Dress, 5. Roland Mouret Malha Lamé TTD, 6. KNT by Kova & T Backless Metallic Halter Dress, 7.Milly Laminated Flare Dress, 8. Sass & Bide Here & Now Beaded Silk Minidress, 9. Free People Golden Chalice Maxi Dress, 10. Motel Cherry Pie Metallic Mesh Top Dress

On to the next.



Gift Guide: Book ‘Em, Danno

By |December 19th, 2011|Gift Guide|

Oh, hey, bookworm here.  You may think that doling out books as holiday gifts is pretty lame and something your Uncle Arthur might do, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret.  You’re wrong.  Yes, yes, it’s true… I’m partial to books… especially of the non e-book/iBook variety… so you may argue that I’m biased.  And let’s be serious, you may very well be right, but have you ever thought about how thoughtful a book can be?  Selecting a book for someone is personal enough to show that you are paying attention to his or her interests without being so personal as to shed light on your stalkerish ways.  Also, just like reality shows, there’s a book out there about just about anything under the sun.  If you find yourself feeling stumped over what to pick out for someone on your list, perhaps you head to your closest Barnes & Noble and start skimming.

California Design, 1930-1965: “Living in a Modern Way”, $49.98, Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors, $13.22, Black and White (And a Bit in Between), $33.50, The New French Interior, $33.50

Home Made, $26.66Momofuku Milk Bar, $23.92, Silver Book of Cocktails: 1,001 Cocktails for Every Occasion, $25.61, Sparkle Cupcakes: The Little Black Book, $13.17

The Art Book, $18.71, Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color, $26.06, Mario Testino: Portraits, $68.08, Helmut Newton: Polaroids, $59.99

 Making Faces, $13.89, The Fashion Questionnaire, $35.05, Jacques Helleu and Chanel, $125, Carine Roitfeld Irreverent, $100

A lot less geeky than you thought, huh?   Could the bookworm be the new black?



I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar, $9.99, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, $15, I’m So Happy It’s Happy Hour, $21.95