Setting the Mood: Spring Awakening

By |February 24th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

spring fashion trendsSpring equinox is less than a month away (March 2oth) and even though that sadistic groundhog, Phil, made us wait it out a little longer this year, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  That means, it’s time to shake off that winter way of thinking and dressing… and eating.  Before you know it, it’ll be time to start bitching about how hot it is, but in the meantime let us revel those few pleasant weeks of spring that remind us why we live in the best city in the world.  Judging by this past weekend’s “heatwave” that spawned dozens of pairs of bare legs to make their post polar vortex debut and the crowded streets on Sunday for boozy brunches (not to mention the rooftop at Soho House that resembled that of a Lorde music video shoot), it seems that the natives are restless and ready to shed winter’s layers.


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WhyDid Wisdom: When Your Fixer Upper Becomes a Human Wrecking Ball

By |July 11th, 2013|WhyDid Wisdom|

open cage doorHi. My name’s Kirsten and I love to save things. That’s right, I’m the girl who found just about any and all types of stray animals and wanted to keep them. Wild bunnies, frogs, lizards, birds, and even hermit crabs—you name it, it was coming home with me. I’m the girl who brought in her rescued baby squirrels to third grade show and tell. Yes, squirrels. Some might say I have a penchant for rescuing things, taking in the lost and forlorn. My parents were certain I’d become a veterinarian… or zookeeper. I probably would have had it not been for ninth grade biology and that whole dissection of a frog thing. Well, turns out the same little blonde who fed baby bunnies with an eyedropper when she was eight graduated to her own species as she got older.

Without fail, I seem to find those who are wounded, lost, or troubled for friendships as well as romantic relationships. I don’t seek out the wayward and wandering, but without fail, that’s who I find. It concerns me they say, “like attracts like” because if that’s the case, I must be completely insane. Whether it be an alcoholic, narcissist, schizophrenic or sociopath (I specialize in sociopaths), I’ve opened up my home and heart to all sorts of human personality defects. After many tears, broken hearts and promises, I started to realize my pattern. Admission is the first step in the road to recovery, you know. After my last breakup and a “pal” who couldn’t seem to pull it together, I made a mental note to be more wary of those telltale red flags.

So when my dear friend, ironically the same one who introduced me to my ex-fiancé– which should’ve been my first clue– brought me to a SuperBowl party hosted by another one of her friends, I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone of dateable interest. As our gracious host came over to introduce himself, I found myself attracted to his boyish charm mixed with nonchalance. My friend must have seen the glimmer in my eye because she immediately put her hand on my arm and warned me, “He’s not your future husband, but he’s definitely a good time.” What sealed the deal for me was his reaction to a gaggle of bitchy girls foreign to the East Village who pitched a full fledged fit over his inability to switch the sound from the evening’s playlist (bonus points for a shared love of gangster rap) to Beyonce’s halftime performance. Somehow phone numbers were exchanged and so began the dysfunction.

Heeding my friend’s warning, I hadn’t taken things very seriously. It all started off as some kind of joke. A form of entertainment for me and my girlfriends. I shrugged off the 3am dinner invitation. We laughed about the 13 missed calls ranging from 2 until 7am. The nonsensical text messages that poured in well past my self imposed curfew were topic of discussion over frittatas and mimosas. The strange promises that we’d some day be taking our children to Epcot seemed like silly ramblings, but somewhere along the way, I fell for this little lost bird. And I fell hard.

Sure, his clothes never quite matched, but in the most endearing manner. I never knew what he had been doing all night or where he’d spent the evening doing it. I couldn’t be certain where he’d be the next day or when I’d hear from him next. We could barely make it through brunch without a minor to moderate meltdown. But as I looked at him lying in my perfectly pristine white bed, long lashes, perfect teeth, floppy brown curls, and long limbs, I was hooked. The moment he walked out of my door with an inaudible adieu, my heart ached. I wanted more. And the cycle repeated. Over and over again.

After one particular raucous evening out, one might say that I could be labeled as “intoxicated.” Let’s not play Mary Magdalene, we’ve all been there. The problem was when we returned back to my apartment, my little lost bird said to me, “Maybe we should hang out some other time when you’re– less wasted.” The tables had turned. The caretaker had become the responsibility, the charge. I awoke the next day not only feeling hungover, but confused, hurt. How could someone who I’d been not only tolerant but nurturing of, turn his back on me in my time of need? That’s the pattern though. In a functional relationship, partners take turns with the ups and downs. As a zookeeper, you’re always going to be making sure the elephants have clean water and the tigers have fresh meat. They won’t bother worrying about if and when you take your lunch break or how you slept last night. To be a successful zookeeper, you need to make sure you’ve taken care of yourself before you take a step into the lion’s den, otherwise you’ll become their lunch.

And so, painful as it was, I had to let my little lost bird go, at least until I could reconfigure my own wellbeing. I can’t lie, however. If a hippopotamus with a sprained ankle and narcotics dependency showed up tomorrow, I’d make room in my queen size bed for him to recover. This time, I’ll just make sure my own deficiencies are handled first.


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Friday Frocks: Pretty in Pastel

By |March 29th, 2013|Friday Frocks, Why Did You Wear That?|

pastel tea partyPastels and spring just seem to go together (kind of like champagne and orange juice) and seeing as this weekend we are breaking fifty degrees in Manhattan, it finally feels like spring has arrived.  Whether you’re putting on your Easter bonnet or celebrating Passover, a pastel frock is right on trend for this season.  Muted mint, dusty pink, or light lavender are flattering shades for even the most sun deprived skin.  So, grab your mimosa and settle down for Sunday brunch in something pretty and pastel.

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Why Did You Eat That: This Little Piggy

By |October 3rd, 2011|San Francisco (The Bay), Why Did You Eat That?|

While traipsing around San Francisco, running errands and popping into open houses (what? it’s okay to look), we managed to work up a little appetite.  So, we stopped in for brunch at The Tipsy Pig to grab a quick bite.  I have to say the name drew me in, but the menu is what got me to agree to stay.

To me, this place was like a grown up sports bar.  There were plenty of other restaurants and bars nearby that were filled with loud SF fans… and I really can’t be bothered with that.  The Tipsy Pig still had all the games on their several scattered TV’s, but I didn’t have to worry about a drunk  jersey clad fool falling into my breakfast.

Speaking of booze, I don’t drink beer, but I could be persuaded with the way they named their sizes: Piglet (10oz), Pint (15oz), and Tipsy Pig (20oz).  How cute is that? Oh, and apparently, they have a pretty extensive selection of beers for those of you who are interested.  Instead I opted for a Mary Pig (bloody Mary) and my dining compadre tested out the root beer float (an adult beverage version).  Both were delicious.

For our midday snack, we ordered the Pig’s Almost Famous Smoked Bacon Mac and Cheese (it was good… but I’ve had better) and the Pulled Pork Sloppy Joe to share.  I was pleasantly surprised with the pulled pork and for a great recipe to try at home, click here.

So what would be a great outfit for a day of strolling and shopping?  An outfit that won’t get you thrown out of an open house, but will still be comfortable when you curl up in a booth with a bloody Mary?  I love colored skinny corduroys and a snuggly sweater.  Throw a big fringe bag over your shoulder and wedge booties (still the height without the pain) and you’re good to go.

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Everybody’s gettin’ tipsy.





Why Did You Eat That: Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah

By |April 25th, 2011|Recipes, Why Did You Eat That?|

So, for Easter brunch, my dad came up and visited us.  We took him over to Dinah’s Restaurant for some eggs and outdoor seating.  Because you already know how I feel about brunch, I found it alarming that they had no idea what I was talking about when I requested a bellini.  They came back later and asked if I would instead like a mimosa.  Who am I to say, “no”?  Above is a photo of the mimosa that was brought to me.  I’m not complaining, because it’s three times the size of a normal mimosa and for seven dollars, you really can’t beat that.

However, all of this made it incredibly clear that I needed to make sure everyone knows how to properly prepare two of the best brunch beverages out there.  (A Bloody Mary would round out the list, but that’s far more complicated and deserves a post all to itself).  Below, please see the simple arithmetic of a boozy brunch:



Now that’s an equation to which I have the solution.