Guest Post: I Swear this is Real… You’re Welcome.

By |May 26th, 2009|Guest Blogger|

A dear friend of mine, “Pinky Toe”, sent me some pictures after she left the East Coast for the Left Coast. The subject line of the email was “you’re welcome.”  Pinky sends me lots of amazing things- she’s my bestie, after all, so I wasn’t really sure what I was in store for.  I was so beyond horrified by them…that I needed to know two things: 1) where the hell did she find these people?, 2) Why oh WHY was she around such specimens?



I would have written the commentary myself, but her response was so beyond brilliant, that I figured I couldn’t have possibly worded it better myself:

“the first two atrocities were spotted at an Academy Awards After-Party at the Beverly Hills hotel… a classy venue that you may recognize from the film “troop Beverly hills”.  These women were executing one of my favorite combinations to photograph; Arrogance, coupled with ignorance.  They both pranced, and posed and were so confident in their offensive outfits, that i had no choice but to help them make fools of themselves.
The last girl is a poor unfortunate soul that i came across at an east side dive bar called “little joy”.  The kind of place where you’d like to wipe the rim before enjoying your drink… so please tell me why she’s rocking the worlds most offensive…
muu-muu.  If you have a boxy frame, low boobs and a flat ass, God help me to understand why you wear a shapeless dress like this.  the Jill Zarin Haircut and Gold Steve madden sandals dont help either.  The poor thing told me who made the dress (i want to say Catherine Malandrino or some other big name European designer) but i was so blinded by the ugly, that my ears regurgitated the information.xo”

I’m sure after reading her explanation, you can’t help but understand why I consider her one of my very best friends. Not just anyone can convince women to give them front and back “head to toes” and then write such witty and poignant follow up.