Why Did You Wear That: The Way to Go Grey

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over the knee boots leatherIt now gets dark before five o’clock and I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that winter is on its way and there’s nothing I can do to change that.  But until the snow congregates on the concrete, I will continue to cling to the last bits of light and the fleeting moments of warmth.  There is a period of time about as long as fall lasts in New York when you can wear tall boots with a slice of skin still showing.  After this, you’ll be relegated to warmer legwear or… shudder… pants.  There are, however, perks to cooler weather (there’s always a silver lining, after all) and those perks come in the form of leather shorts, over the knee boots, beanies, and cozy sweaters.  This Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s dolman sweater is the perfect way to wear a pair of leather shorts without looking like a fly girl.  The key to sproting over the knee boots without eliciting  Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, vibes is to dress them down with a casual sweater and knit beanie.  Both leather shorts and OTK boots are items that could go terribly wrong, so wear with caution.  This sweater, however, can do no wrong because once the leg baring weather has come to an end, it’s just the right length to be legally worn with leggings.

new york rooftop

thigh high boots

new york fire escape

how to wear a beanie

over the knee boots suede

knit winter beaniesweater: c/o Diasy Fuentes for Kohl’s, shorts: Blank Denim, boots: Kelsi Dagger, similar by Joie here, socks: Commando, hat: Leith, bag: Kooba,





Photos by Michael Stiegler

Why Did You Wear That: That’s a Rap

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mixtapeMuch to the chagrin of my mother, I grew up loving rap music.  I’m not sure I can explain exactly why, but there’s something about the way you feel when the beat drops and I have a deep appreciation for anyone who can find a way to rhyme words that have absolutely no business being rhymed, let alone combined. I can still recite every lyric to “Regulate” and “Shoop” will forever and always be my go to karaoke song.  As a true style schizophrenic, there was a period of time when I was known to wear oversized polos and adidas sneakers with my hair slicked back like a white boricua.  There are photos… somewhere… and they need to be burned…

But alas, perhaps I should have held onto some of my street style essentials as they are making quite the comeback along with the rest of the 90’s.  Not only have Doc Martens regained popularity, so have Timberland boots.  I had the coolest pink pair in middle school… which would have been worth bringing out of the archives.  But since they’ve long been retired, there are plenty of ways to recreate the look of street chic without looking like a bad remix.

1. Married to the Mob x UO Ride or Die Beanie, 2. adidas Back Zip Zigzag Dress, 3. Supra Society Paisley Pattern High Top Sneaker, 4. Forever 21 Street Chic Bad Hoops, 5. The Mountain Rottweiler Face Sweatshirt, 6. Mason by Michelle Mason Houndstooth Sweatpants, 7. adidas Heritage Snapback Hat, 8. BDG Denim Overall, 9. Timberland Premium Booties, 10. Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch, 11. Jonathan Simkhai Leather Check Sweatshirt, 12. Skaist Taylor Leopard Knit Miniskirt, 13.Puma Sky High Wedge Scaled Animal High Top 

And ya don’t stop.




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Why Did You Wear That: Spot On

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kirsten smithI’ve always felt a little conflicted about wearing leather and fur. When I was ten, I begged and pleaded (to no avail) with my parents for a cute little spotted potbelly pig. One morning over breakfast, it was revealed to me that bacon, in fact, comes from pigs. For the next year, I refused to eat meat thinking about that poor little pig in the pet shop. (I also begged and pleaded for a chinchilla around that same time). After finding it far too difficult to gain sustenance without any meat in my diet, I gave up vegetarianism the next year, but the feelings of guilt about fur, stuck with me. While home visiting my mom in Wheeling between semesters in college, we ventured into an antique store in Centre Market. Amongst the delicate tea sets and tiny trinkets, there was a rack of vintage clothing and hanging in the midst of these dated duds, was the most amazing leopard coat. I am my mother’s daughter and she insisted that I would be thankful that I’d bought this coat one day. While it was first worn to a “pimp n’ hoe” party in college, I’ve held onto it throughout the years and am happy to bring it back into rotation this fall. When worn with a simple tee, vegan leather pants, pumps, and topped off with a knit beanie, the look is definitely not outdated and to me, it says more “hollaback girl” than call girl.

Kirsten Smith

leopard coat

kirsten smith

kirsten smithbeanie: H&M, coat: vintage (similar here), top: Express, pants: Black Orchid (similar here), shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, bag: Celine, sunglasses: RayBan




photos by Catherine Sampietro

Setting the Mood: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Again.

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90s grunge styleThe 90’s: a decade I can get behind.  Rather than leaving us with treasures like bad perms. legwarmers, and the hair bands of the 80’s, this decade was the cooler, more rebellious little sister.   I always wondered why anyone wanted to purposely look like an asshole by throwing an 80’s theme party.  Some things are meant to be left in the past.  Like your ex’s and that one school photo when you had braces and DIY bangs.

The 90’s left the legacies of grunge, garage bands and fashion trends worth repeating.  Combat boots, babydoll dresses, and anything plaid are 90’s style essentials (not to mention some of this fall’s must haves).  Unkempt hair, porcelain skin, and a deep wine pout are the beauty staples to complete your trip back in time.  Bonus points for being able to borrow your boo’s blouse.  Your flannel, is my flannel, honey.  Hello, androgyny.  Recall CkOne?  Who didn’t love My So Called Life and who can forget the queen of grunge, Ms. Courtney Love?  Starting to see why sometimes history is worth repeating?

DKNY Cotton Blend Flannel Nightshirt, $58, Lucca Couture Daisy Print Chiffon Dress, $59Bop Basics Cashmere Oversized Beanie, $80, Saint Laurent Patti Boots, $1,295




Setting the Mood: September Issues

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september issuesPride cometh before a fall… and so does summer.  About a week ago, the weather started to change.  There was a slight shift in the air and in that moment, I knew:  fall was fast approaching. Sure, I’ve worked hard so as to be able to wear the least amount of clothing possible without offending anyone’s eyeballs, but I do love nothing more than a cozy cashmere scarf, slouchy suede boots, and slipping into a warm wool coat.  The fall brings with it thoughts of coupling up, nights by the fireplace, and the return of everyone back to the city after a summer in the Hamptons.  Tans start to fade, rooftops close, and pedicures become less necessary, but there is something magical in the autumn air.

Burberry Brit Leather Sleeved Jersey Sweatshirt, Christopher Kane Floral Print Modal and Cashmere Blend Scarf, Karl Donoghue Chunky Knit Wool and Shearling Beanie Hat, Fiorentini & Baker Eternity Suede Biker Boots