Weekend Playlist: The Anti-Valentine

By |February 4th, 2012|Weekend Playlist|

anti valentines daySo, let’s say you’re not into the love fest that is Valentine’s Day.  Nothing wrong with that (and you are not alone, my friend).  Some of my most fun Valentine’s Days were not spent lamenting love, but cutting loose with friends instead.  Whether that included cupcakes and sappy rom-com’s at home or dancing on tables at Cipriani, a playlist was needed.  I found it much easier than expected to compile a list of songs that will have love as the furthest thing from your mind.

Not love songs playlist ex ex,


Weekend Playlist: British Invasion

By |April 30th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

In honor of our British chaps who are, no doubt, partying away this weekend in celebration of their new princess this week’s playlist is a tribute to British artists and bands (and yes, I purposely left off The Beatles- chill out).

  1. Joss Stone– Free Me
  2. Franz Ferdinand– Take Me Out
  3. Elton John– Rocket Man
  4. Muse– Uprising
  5. Pink Floyd– Wish You Were Here
  6. Goldfrapp– Ooh La La
  7. Basement Jaxx– Romeo
  8. David Bowie– Let’s Dance
  9. Seal– Crazy
  10. The Rolling Stones– Paint It Black






Photo via John Seabury