The List Volume XC

By |November 15th, 2013|The List|

Barbie GirlThere will be certain times in your life when it’ll be okay to fake the funk or fake it til you make it, but there are other things that one should be absolutely uncompromising about. At times it may be a close judgement call, while other times the answer is blatantly obvious. Should you ever get confused, below is a list of a few hard and fast rules when it comes to fakes. (I know some of you will more than likely not catch the Aqua reference, so catch yourself up here).

barbie no makeup

  1. Fashion. Counterfeit goods aren’t just bad for the economy, but they’re just an overall bad look.
  2. A relationship. It’s always better to be alone than with someone you don’t love or who treats you poorly.
  3. Interests. Do what you like. Be who you are. If someone doesn’t like it? Eff ’em.
  4. Nails. That’s what gel manicures are for.
  5. Friends. Ain’t nobody got time for them


  1. Hair color. Change your hair, change your life.
  2. Confidence. Sometimes, once you’ve faked it a time or two, you’ll start to believe it.
  3. Your phone number. Dudes can be relentless.
  4. A tan… although it’s always more fun to earn your tanlines, your skin will thank you later.
  5. A status update. Sometimes you’ve gotta leave people wondering…

Now, I’m off for the evening…