Why Did You Wear That: Under Where?

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Yesterday, my beautiful LA counterpart sent me this text message:

“You should do a blog post on sexy lingerie and where to find it. NOT some hoodrat Victoria’s Secret stuff but not stuff that’s like $200 … Is there a middle man?:)”

Well, if there is something I know about, it’s lingerie. I spent a good two plus years buying lingerie for Henri Bendel and I have two giant drawers dedicated to my undies alone. So, Miss Wright, this post is for you!

First, let’s start with a few things that every girl should have in her lingerie drawer:

tinythongcom_bv5Commando Tiny Thong, $22

coverupsHollywood Coverups, $14.99

fashiontapeHollywood Fashion Tape, $8.99

thumbnail.aspStrap Perfect, $11.99

Yeah, I know that last one seems a little queer. My mom insisted I own them and I reluctantly took them home with me to New York. They turned out to be a lot easier to use than my usual MacGeyver method of using a safety pin. So now, on to the fun stuff.

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite brands is Deborah Marquit. The price point is on the higher side, but it is literally handmade and beautiful! My favorite pieces are from the fluorescent collection, although all of her pieces are ridiculously sexy. I’ve had the pleasure of going into her store/design studio here in NYC. She’s incredibly talented and a very interesting woman.


Lace underwire demi bra, $185, Lace g-string, $55

Cosabella is another great line of lingerie that is sexy and more friendly on the wallet.

AMORP1103_LEOHPNKbAmore Mio pushup bra, $56.25

AMORP03ZL_LEOHPNKbAmore Mio Lowrider Thong, $20

Another personal favorite is Huit. It’s a great French brand that fits incredibly well and is very girly and fun. They also have a great line of basic bras for everyday wear.

huit-huit01-vea8-gsVertiges Magic Air Underwire bra, $79

huit-huit01-vej10-gsVertiges String, $47

I could go on for DAYS about this, but I have things to do, people. So here are a few of my favorite NYC lingerie stores:

Sugar Cookies

203 W 19th Street (between 7th and 8th)



3 East 17th Street (between 5th and Broadway)


And for those of you who are NOT in NYC, don’t worry your pretty little heads… I’ve got you. Here are some great sites for online lingerie shopping:

Catriona Mackechnie

La Petite Coquette


Tell your boyfriend, “you’re welcome.”