Friday Frocks: Always a Bridesmaid

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Ah, that special day in your life.  You’ve dreamt about it since you were a little girl.  You’re wearing the most beautiful dress you’ll probably ever wear and you get to marry the man of your dreams with your very best friends right by your side.

They were there when you called them with giddy excitement after your first date, wiped away your tears after your first fight, and called them immediately when he finally popped the question.  So why are you dressing them up like show ponies?

I get that this is “your day” but what did I ever do to you?  Why must I look like I’m wearing a prom dress (and a bad one at that)? Is this some kind of hazing?  Cause I’m pretty sure we covered that when I was holding your hair back as you tossed your cookies at your bachelorette party… You know, the time you made me drink out of a penis straw?

Not sure why so many brides insist on making their besties and bridesmaids look like giant eggplants or fluffy pink sheep, while they’ve never looked better.  I know, I know… it’s hard to find one dress that matches your color “theme”, looks good on everyone, and doesn’t upstage you.

A few things:

  1. These dresses are ugly.  They just are.
  2. Not every girl is going to look smashing in the exact same dress.  I don’t care how beautiful your besties are.  Some have hips, some have breasts, and unless you lucked into having quintuplets for best friends, none of them are going to look the same in that damn dress.
  3. When you ask us, “Will you ever wear this dress again?” we have no choice but to plaster on a smile and squeal with delight, “Yes!!!”
  4. We will never upstage you- unless you make us wear these god forsaken taffeta monstrosities. You’re the bride and you are beautiful!

Listen, I know you think that you must purchase official bridesmaids dresses, but there are plenty of great “off the rack” options that might actually make your bridesmaids happy.  To drive home my point, I have found options (all under $300) in every color of the rainbow:

1. Top Shop Yellow Cami Ruched Mesh Dress, $95, 2. Amanda Uprichard Crystal Body Silk Dress, $194,  3. Victoria’s Secret Flirty Multi-Way Dress, $79.50, 4. Presley Skye Ruffle Trim Crepe de Chine Dress, $128,  5. BCBGENERATION Cascading Ruffle Dress, $98, 6. A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz Yellow Silk Chiffon Beaded One Shoulder Dress, $237, 7. Ellen Tracy Sleeveless V-Neck Dress, $148,  8. Aqua Encom Twist Bandeau Full Maxi Dress, $129.29, 9. Aidan Mattox Floral Print Tiered Gown, $295, 10. Aidan Mattox Pansy Silk Chiffon Halter Dress, $279

11. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Chessington Shirred Dress, $130, 12. Ani Lee Taryn Dress, $299, 13. Free People Watercolor Printed Asymmetrical Dress, $128, 14. Mark + James Tie Waist Metallic Tulle Dress, $295,  15. Parker Bead Dress, $297, 16. Max and Cleo One Shoulder Gown, $178, 17. Amanda Uprichard Jessie Maxi Dress, $242, 18. LM by Mignon Cascade One Shoulder Gown, $243, 19. American Apparel Siren Dress, $75, 20. Winter Kate Barbel Lace Trim Maxi Gown, $285

So cut your gals a break, would ya?  You still want them by your side after your big day, right?



Friday Frocks: Pretty in Pink

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This week’s Friday Frocks is brought to you by the color “pink.”  While perusing the world wide web… taking one of my mini mental vacations, I stumbled upon what may, in fact, be the greatest place on earth.  No, I’m not talking about Disney World, kiddos.  I’m talking about the “Pink Palace of the Pacific,” the Royal Hawaiian.  I know what you’re thinking.  This can’t be true!  How can a place so magical possibly exist?  Does this mean unicorns are real too?

Well, I’m not sure about unicorns, but this beautiful rosy resort is no myth.  Gazing upon this shrine to every girly girl’s favorite color got me to thinking about what one would wear while lounging poolside at the Pink Palace.  Couldn’t be anything but pink, right?

1. Alice + Olivia Gitana Button Front Dress, $330, 2. Amanda Uprichard Ruffle Front Tank Dress, $194, 3. Free People Vintage Hand Dyed 1940’s Slip, $268, 4. Halston Heritage Shirred Spaghetti Strap Dress, $295, 5. Charlie Jade Birch Dress, $124, 6. Marc and Jame Ruffled One Shoulder Dress, $265, 7. Tibi Ikat Wrap Dress, $330, 8. Roxy Big Break Dress, $39.50, 9. Betsey Johnson Stripe Thermo Bustle Dress, $148, 10. Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress, $194

Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to my vacation.



Friday Frocks: Show and Pas-tell

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The other day my dad was complaining that people don’t dress up for Easter like they used to.  While people certainly have become more casual, he’s probably just spoiled due to my mother’s extreme outfits that she put her children in for the holiday.  For as long as I can remember (until I had a say in the matter) I recall being strapped into an easter bonnet, fluffy dress, ruffled socks or tights, and some form of jazzy shoes (I wish I had pictures).  When I talk about the Easter bonnet, I’m not talking about the run of the mill eyelet cap, I’m talking about fresh flowers sewn in to match my dress.  My mother is no joke.

So, while you may not have the time (or interest) in sewing flowers to your cap, there’s no reason you can’t get into the holiday spirit by  prancing around this Easter Sunday in one of these flirty pastel frocks.  They’re enough to make the Easter Bunny blush:

1. Contrarian Barbara Bib Dress, $381, 2. Forever 21 Floral Sweetheart Tube Dress, $19.80, 3. Gianni Bini Della Dress, $138, 4. Wyatt Ivory Chiffon Big Rose Print Dress, $84.15, 5. Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress, $194, 6. Roxy Full Time Dress, $39.50, 7. Free People Flutter Away Striped Dress, $98, 8. Top Shop Pleated Neck Dress by Love, $76

Hoppy Easter!



Friday Frocks: Block Party

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A couple of months ago, I pointed out the oh so colorful, oh so fun colorblocking trend that we had seen all over the runways and on our favorite stars.  I even showed you how to recreate the look.  But alas, it can be tricky not to mention treacherous trying to pull this look off for the untrained fashionista.

And why wouldn’t we have a little history lesson on this fine Friday?

While this trend feels fresh for spring, it’s not actually new.  Much like all fashion, it’s been recycled and given a new spin.  The original colorblocked dress above is from Yves Saint Laurent circa 1965.  Piet Mondrian’s Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow (1930)  was used for the inspiration and this simple shift became iconic.

Below are some modern takes on the colorblock trend for you to try out yourself:

1. Forever 21 Colorblock Bodycon Dress, $15.80, 2. Diane von Furstenberg Reara Two Tone Dress, $365, 3. BCBG Colorblocked Dress with Tulle, $258, 4. Herve Leger Two Tone Strapless Bandage Dress, $1,150, 5. Arden B. Ombre Colorblock Bandage Dress, $79, 6. Amanda Uprichard Dynasty Colorblocked Dress, $194, 7. Roxy Double Dress, $39.50, 8. Ali Ro Colorblock Beaded Dress, $365

Block on!


Why Did

Photo via Up My Ali

Friday Frocks: Dress the Part

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If there’s one theme we should all be able to get behind, it’s gotta be the beautiful holly berry red of Christmas.  You can totally pull it off without looking absolutely ridiculous and it’s a hell of a lot better than those wretched “ugly Christmas sweater” parties. (Who thinks- better yet participates- in such things?) Anyway, why not get into the holiday spirit by slipping into something that would make even Santa smile? Besides, you’ve gotta find something to put on with those cherry red lips.

Herve Leger Engineered Ottoman Zip Dress, $1,450

Notte by Marchesa Big Ruffle Cocktail Dress, $660

Rebecca Minkoff Necklace Silk Dress, $429

Amanda Uprichard Ella Flutter Sleeve Dress, $205

T-bags One Shoulder Dress, $190

bebe Pintuck Satin Sheath Dress, $149

Victoria’s Secret Short and Flirty Multi-Way Dress, $79

Exrpess Ruched Strapless Dress, $49

ho ho ho!