The other day my dad was complaining that people don’t dress up for Easter like they used to.  While people certainly have become more casual, he’s probably just spoiled due to my mother’s extreme outfits that she put her children in for the holiday.  For as long as I can remember (until I had a say in the matter) I recall being strapped into an easter bonnet, fluffy dress, ruffled socks or tights, and some form of jazzy shoes (I wish I had pictures).  When I talk about the Easter bonnet, I’m not talking about the run of the mill eyelet cap, I’m talking about fresh flowers sewn in to match my dress.  My mother is no joke.

So, while you may not have the time (or interest) in sewing flowers to your cap, there’s no reason you can’t get into the holiday spirit by  prancing around this Easter Sunday in one of these flirty pastel frocks.  They’re enough to make the Easter Bunny blush:

1. Contrarian Barbara Bib Dress, $381, 2. Forever 21 Floral Sweetheart Tube Dress, $19.80, 3. Gianni Bini Della Dress, $138, 4. Wyatt Ivory Chiffon Big Rose Print Dress, $84.15, 5. Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress, $194, 6. Roxy Full Time Dress, $39.50, 7. Free People Flutter Away Striped Dress, $98, 8. Top Shop Pleated Neck Dress by Love, $76

Hoppy Easter!