pencil skirt dressed up dressed downIn adventures of “I’ve run out of clothes- what can I find in someone else’s closet?,” I popped into Dick’s closet to grab a jacket and found one which he claims is older than I am- which means it’s probably made out of dinosaur skin. While in the depths of his closet, a baseball cap in the same maroon hue caught my eye. When I reached up and dusted it off, my head nearly exploded as I discovered that the brim was… woodgrain. If I hadn’t had breakfast that morning, I totally would have passed out. Instead I fired off a text to my male bff telling him about the treasure I’d just unearthed. He was beyond stoked and probably a little jealous that he didn’t have his own. Don’t worry, homie, I’m on the hunt for a replica.

Pencil skirts are most often associated with secretaries and desk jobs a la Mad Men -pretty, prim and proper. However, I think they can be a very sexy addition to a dressed down look without losing all femininity. When I mixed a distressed (aka future dishrag) t-shirt that I cropped (obviously) and removed the sleeves from with this basic black skirt and topped it with an oversized leather jacket and baseball hat, I felt I’d created yet another perfect contradiction.

The combination of woodgrain and leather essentially makes me a walking rap song and what could really be better than that?

kirsten catherwood smith

kirsten smith baseball hat

kirsten catherwood smith

kirsten smithhat: brilliant find from dad (similar here), t-shirt: future cleaning rag turned crop top (similar here), skirt: Express, jacket: vintage (similar here), boots: All Saints (similar here), bralette: Victoria’s Secret, dog: Smitty, earrings: (similar here)