kirsten smith street styleLooking back over this past year’s posts, I thought a couple of things: 1. I don’t post nearly enough, 2. I can’t believe all of that happened in one year.  While at times it feels as if I’m not moving forward at all, taking a minute to look back (which every inspirational quote on Instagram would tell you not to do- I’m a rebel), I can see that even though it may be at a snail’s pace, I have certainly been chugging along through this thing called life.  My self awareness will now beseech me to make some changes to how I’ve been handling a few things, but I must take a not so modest moment to grin with pride about what I have accomplished by revisiting a few of my favorite posts from this blog year.  I hope you enjoy… and what were some of your favorites?

  1. Why Did You Wear That: Little in the Middle
  2. WhyDid Wisdom: I Don’t.
  3. Setting the Mood: Goth Goes Glam
  4. Why Did You Wear That: Fall Overhaul
  5. WhyDid Wisdom: Standards, Get Some.
  6. Weekend Playlist: Guest DJ, Jenn Seracuse
  7. Friday Frocks: You’re My Babydoll
  8. Why Did You Wear That: The Witching Hour
  9. WhyDid Wisdom: When Your Fixer Upper Becomes a Human Wrecking Ball
  10. WhyDid Wisdom: Crazy is Contagious