It’s like sometimes things are so infuriating that my mind explodes before I can find the time to actually get my thoughts written down.  Maybe it’s like a sort of natural lobotomy?  Or one of those secret agent notes that will self destruct in seven seconds?  I know plenty of obnoxious things have happened to me in the last week– let alone month, but when I sit myself down to type up the list, my little manicured fingers just hover there idly above the keyboard and my brain is blank.  But then I remember…

  1. Girls who can’t seem to comprehend “girl code.”  There’s a reason men coined the phrase, “bros before hoes.”
  2. The woman in my hallway who told me, “Not everyone likes dogs,” after having been greeted by mine.
  3. People who move their lips when they read.
  4. Unsolicited relationship/life advice.  Thanks, but no thanks.
  5. Dogs’ faces when forced to go outside in the rain.
  6. Having to take your dog outside in the rain.
  7. The rain.
  8. Irish exits when not being performed by me.
  9. When Smitty barks while I’m applying eyeliner and nearly gouge out my eye.
  10. Being unfollowed on Instagram.  Especially by someone I know.  Obviously, I take Instagram very seriously.

Until next week,