women in heels by the poolAs we pack our bags and head out for some fun in the sun, I must bring up the age old question: to wear or not to wear high heels at the pool?  Now, I know some of you just had a truly guttural response to the question posed, but it would appear that some of the ladies in the cabana next door are unsure as to the appropriate poolside footwear.

I get it, I have a long torso and have always dreamed of having legs that were at least three inches longer each, but God had other plans that didn’t involve my appearance in a pair of angel wings during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  While sky high stilettos certainly do aid in the lengthening of legs and have a certain way of making even the most gym averse look slightly toned, poolside lounging is not a Hooters bikini contest, nor is it an episode of Shahs of Sunset.  And to be quite honest, it seems it could also be a bit of a safety hazard.  Beyond slipping and falling face first whilst losing your bandeau top (and cocktail), how many of us have gotten a heel wedged in between the wood planks of the deck?

However, there may be a loophole in this style conundrum: the wedge sandal, especially in the form of an espadrille.  I’m not entirely sold though… It still seems odd to have on any type of heel when walking to the bathroom or to introduce yourself to that cute boy.  So, how does one avoid catching a case of athlete’s foot without looking like a Miss America contestant?

heels and bikini



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