justin timberlake 2013In case you missed it, yesterday, ol’ Justin Timberlake very slyly announced his return to music.  The internet went crazy… ’cause while we enjoyed you on the silver screen, JT, we missed you on the radio and check updates at Radio Waves.  So, let’s take our d out of the box and get back in the booth.  Remember this plea to the pop star?

A new album is near and in preparation of “bringing sexy back,” I’ve compiled a collection of dresses that do just that.  Sure, I like JT just fine, but I really just wanted an excuse to showcase spine friendly frocks.  The vertebrae is the new decollete and these little numbers would be just perfect for shimmying to Timberlake’s new tunes.

sexy back dresses

1. Boulee Avery Lace Dress, $231, 2. Lovers + Friends Worth the Wait Dress, $134.40, 3. Nightcap Clothing Lace Priscilla Dress, $352, 4. Three Floor Bad Girl Dress, $308, 5. T by Alexander Wang Drape Bac Mini Dress, $109, 6. Lovers + Friends Sway Mini Dress, $245, 7. For Love & Lemons Little Lover Dress, $172.80, 8. UNIF Christy Drape Dress, $87, 9. Free People Bringing Sexy Back Dress, $128, 10. For Love & Lemons Medina Velvet Mini Dress, $159

So brace yourself, kiddos, as Andy Cohen stated, there’s been a richter scale warning issued for imminent “panty drop.”