sally hansen insta gel

Manicures played a HUGE role in beauty  last couple of years and I get the feeling thist trend isn’t going to lose momentum anytime soon.  I do, however, think they’ll get toned down a bit (buh-bye pointed talons).  That said, keeping your phalanges fully decked out can start to add up, so beauty brands started to wise up with clever ways to DIY your digits.  One of the first on the scene was Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  These fun designs were great, but still didn’t quite have the lifespan of the popular and ever shiny gel manicure.  Well, that Sally sure did use her noggin when coming up with the latest installment of at home manicures.  Combine the ease of applying Salon Effects strips and the staying power of a gel manicure and you’ve got Sally Hansen Insta Gel.  I strolled passed a display of these one afternoon at CVS and figured, “Wine Not?” (That was the color I chose- complete coincidence).

gel manicure


Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant idea and I was really hoping for the best since I love all of the fun patterns that can’t be recreated in your standard nail salon, but I think for me… I will stick to letting the professionals go to work.  I just really am not good at at home “manual labor.”  However, if you’re someone who’s a bit more meticulous or you don’t have access to a salon offering gel manicures.  The starter kit was $29.99 and the refill kits (love this one) are only $14.99 (half the price of a salon manicure).  In the meantime, I won’t be quitting my day job.