new years eve confettiSo, it’s Sunday… meaning this is technically the last bit of the “weekend,” but let’s be serious.  The stretch between Christmas and New Year’s is like one extended booze fueled, stay in your pajamas til 2pm and mom’s cooking weekend (not that that’s what I’m doing or anything).  Tomorrow is a little something called “New Year’s Eve” and the only thing more important than securing a midnight kiss and not running out of champagne is crafting the most perfect playlist.  The trick to a playlist is covering all your bases.  You don’t want to play what could be listened to on your local Top 40 station, but including a few “club bangers” so that white girls will be heard world round squealing to misogynistic rap lyrics is clutch.  Then you’ve got to toss in a few of those ironic throwbacks for all the “bruhs” to fist bump to when they recognize the intro.  Sprinkle a couple of classics in there to make grandma happy and you, my friend, have the ultimate party playlist.

Cheers, y’all.



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