a girl and her dog kirsten smithOkay, I may not need to shop for a man, but I do have to shop for “my man.”  In case you didn’t get the memo, my heart belongs to one man and one man only.  His name’s Smitty and he is, no doubt, the love of my life.  We are basically inseparable- as a matter of fact, I’m typing this with one hand cause he’s laying on my other arm- and he has at times become a point of contention in my relationships.  Turns out, guys get a little bummed once they realize I’ll probably never love them as much as Smitty (helpful hint: never answer the question, “Burning building: me or the dog?”).  Hey, he was here first.  I don’t trust a guy who doesn’t like Smitty (and vice versa) and if you don’t love dogs, you ain’t no friend of mine.  So, here’s to spoiling our undaunted companions who have seen our worst and love us all the same.

gifts for dogs

1. Beach House Dog House, $89.99-159.99, 2. Dogeared Dog Lover Necklace, $58, 3. PuchiBag Tote, $159.99,  4. Polo Ralph Lauren Reindeer Dog Sweater, $85, 5. JazTy Pet Dog Bed, $249.95, 6. Kaico International Meat and Cheese Plate Toys, $9.99, 7. Charles Fradin Personalized Dog Note Pad Set, $90, 8. WARE of the DOG Intarsia Knit Dog Sweater, $140, 9. Fallon Necklace Collar, $170

Oh, and he can do no wrong.  Your shoes?  They were actually his the minute you walked in the door.

No bones about it.