whydid kirsten smithIt’s always so relaxing to go home.  There are no worries, no pressure, nothing to do, and I gain about ten pounds.  Turns out, the fine folks here are not particularly interested in juicing, Pilates, or whether or not hunting gear should be worn to dinner at Applebee’s.  That said, I am looking forward to heading home (to New York), starting a cleanse, and hitting the treadmill– hard.  In the meantime, I played a little game of dress up in a sweater dress of my mother’s that I’ve been eying for several years.  It hung in my closet in New York for a bit, but never got any play because I couldn’t quite figure out when and where I wanted to wear it, so I returned it during my West Coast intermission.  Now seems like the perfect time for this knit confection to make its way back to my closet once again.  Let’s give it another go.  Whaddya say?

kirsten smith

vintage sweater dress

all saints boots

kirsten smith why did you wear thatdress: vintage, bag: Balenciaga, boots: All Saints, hat: Croft & Barrow

Thanks, mom.