black diamond heart

I haven’t spoken much about my last breakup, mostly because, well… who cares, right?  But today, I will give you a tiny glimpse inside of what was a semi traumatic, yet equally character building experience… in the name of jewelry, of course.  A couple of Christmases ago, I was gifted the most beautiful diamond earrings.  I wore them all the time.  Every day.  Barely ever took them off unless they were in need of a good polish or I was getting my hair done…. which, in NorCal, didn’t happen very often because, again, who cares?  Anyway, in the midst of a horrible fight (our very last fight), I left my earrings in my jewelry dish on the sink to prove a point.  HA!  Well, joke’s on me ’cause once I came home to retrieve the rest of my belongings, my beloved earrings had gone missing.  When I questioned my ex about the whereabouts of my baubles, he informed me that they were being “cleaned” and one had a “loose stone” and he’d return them to me just as soon as they were back from the jeweler.  Well, I never did see my ex or those earrings again.  And since I had just moved cross country, spending a couple of grand on a new pair of diamond solitaires was just not in my fiscal plan.

I couldn’t leave my little earlobes naked so, I decided that I would buy a new pair of earrings for myself… a pair that I could afford.  That pair of earrings happened to be black diamond studs and I love them more than my original earrings because they are mine.  When people ask me about them, I just say, “Yep, they are black just like my heart.”  So dramatic, I know.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is no doubt that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so if you’re in the market for a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself that has a bit of edge and all the sparkle, might I suggest investing in some black diamonds?

black diamonds1. Avenessi Black Diamond Cross Bracelet, $400, 2. Scott Kay Leather Bracelet, $295, 3. Diane Kordas 18K Rose Gold Necklace, $945, 4. Sterling Silver Black Diamond Hoop Earrings, $249, 5. Brian Danielle Black Diamond Icon Necklace, $230, 6. Kacey K Fine Jewelry Gold and Black and White Diamond Lip Earrings, $650, 7. Ilena Makri Black Diamond Love Ring, $770, 8. Majolie Rounded Black Diamond Ring, $567, 9. Lynn Ban Black Diamond Stud Earrings, $450, 10. 6.25 Carat Enhanced Black Diamond Necklace, $594.30, 11. 14K White Gold 1.5 Carat Black Diamond Studs, $169.99