miley cyrus vmasAlright, let’s not beat around the bush.  I do realize the MTV Video Music Awards took place last Thursday, which coincidentally coincided with Fashion’s Night Out.  This left us all with the burden of choosing between one three ring circus and another.  I, myself, went ahead and took on Fashion’s Night Out in New York by visiting with Lauren Kaminsky and David Lerner at Beauty & Essex.  This, of course, means that I missed out on all the tomfoolery of VMA’s past.  But alas, I took a little bit of time perusing the red carpet photos and viewing some of the noteworthy performances via YouTube.  And while, there was the usual ridiculous attire of some, others –ahem, Rihanna– redeemed themselves.

And then I realized something.  We’ve all been wondering what exactly Miley was thinking when she lobbed off her locks a couple of weeks ago (or at least her bun and I have).  Well, I think we may have unearthed her inspiration.  Perhaps young Miley was channeling the queen of girls kicking ass, Pink and her platinum blonde bouffant.  The resemblance is kind of uncanny and it leaves me wondering what Pink thinks about her mini me.  More importantly, what do you think?