lady gaga fameWhen asked to preview and review Lady Gaga’s latest project, her perfume, I was a bit hesitant.  I mean, when’s the last time you’ve thought, “Dang, I wish there was an easier way for me to smell like blood and semen.  Someone should bottle that!”  But alas, I was intrigued, so I obliged.

Well, joke’s on me.  After spending two years working with Haus Laboraties, Ms. Gaga’s first ever fragrance is quite surprising.  The packaging is elegant, the bottle is edgy yet beautiful (and would look great on your vanity), and the smell is hardly reminiscent of body fluid– not that I’m familiar with such.  The scent is actually quite sweet and feminine with notes of crushed Tiger Orchid, Jasmine Sambac, and apricot nectar.  And while I would and have definitely worn this scent, I can’t help but wish it was a bit more unique.  You know, the type of perfume that people can name the moment it hits their olfactories.  What is unique, however, is that the liquid is black, but when sprayed is clear (though you can kinda see it on your skin for a brief moment).  All in all, it’s a lovely scent that is sure to get all the little monsters hearts racing and crack a smile on even the straightest of poker faces.  My only real complaint is that the scent lasts only about as long as 15 minutes of fame.  I’d like it to last at least long enough for me to dance all night to Born This Way.

Want to give it a whiff before it is available to the public in early September?  You’re in luck.  One of you lucky ladies will win your very own bottle of Fame to go gaga over.  Stay tuned on Twitter for your chance to enter.

Oh, and could you stop calling me?