amelia smithI liked Amelia the moment I met her- and not just because she loved spicy tuna on crispy rice as much as I do.  Then I found out her last name was also Smith and knew it was kismet.  I think the deal was sealed for her when I quoted a Loretta Lynn song… either way, we’ve been friends ever since and I don’t plan on ditching her anytime soon… if ever.  You see, Amelia is exactly the kind of girl I talk about all the time.  Not only is she pretty, but she’s also smart.  In between choosing the perfect shade of paint and sourcing one of a kind designer furniture, she’s also booking shows for New York Fashion Week.  Time spent with Amelia is always fun.  We can switch gears between chatting about our latest nail color obsession to deep spiritual conversations about our lives and the future of the universe.  Also doesn’t hurt that Smitty’s smitten with her.  So, here’s a bit more about Amelia and what makes her style so unique:

amelia smith

Name: Amelia Loren Smith

Wearing: French Connection

Occupation: Interior Designer, Freelance Art Director, Set Designer; Model – check her out, right here.

Hometown/Current Town: Tupelo, Mississippi/ New York, New York

I would describe my style as: Simplistic Modern Classic

I can’t leave the house without: Lip gloss

Based on wardrobe alone, if I could live in any time period, it would be: Now!  We have so many options! We can mix and match, reference other eras and still make it our own. I love that!

Best/biggest splurge (worth every penny): My Jimmy Choo Martha Ponyskin clutch, it was my college graduation present to myself.

“Constructed of multi-colored pony skin and suede marked in the middle by an asymmetric gold-tone zipper, which reveals a little extra space, this clutch is smartly sassy easily converting from day to night. It also features a hidden magnetic closure on the flap, an internal pocket with zipper and a tan suede lining with lilac trim. It’s functional expandability.”

Best fashion advice I’ve ever received: Keep it simple

Biggest fashion pet peeve (a trend that just needs to go away): Toms

What I would tell my 13 year old self: That ugly duckling does, in fact, grow up to be a swan.

Weirdest beauty trick that I swear by: A little gloss on the eyelid to give a sleek, shiny, silicone look

Don’t care if it ever goes out of style, I’m going to keep wearing: eyebrows

I would love to trade closets with: Kelis – I bet she has swanky headgear

Fun fact:  I was voted “Most Talented” out of my HS Class. It’s a notion that has carried over into adulthood. I like to do/and excel at multiple things. If I’m not engaging in more than one project at a time something is wrong.


So, ya know… whether you need a new face for your next ad campaign or just need a new chaise lounge, Amelia’s your go to girl.