image in sunglassesI should basically put myself on the list this week.  I thought the hardest part about moving was the actual move.  Turns out, the week after- waiting for deliveries, building furniture with instructions written in anything but English, unpacking boxes and finding places for it all to fit is the most time consuming and frustrating.  Therefore, I am guilty of being the world’s worst blogger this week.  You didn’t even get a How To Tuesday… which I will now have to amp up to make up for it.  So, as to not disappoint any further… this week’s list:

  1. hiding from someoneDating.  So much work.
  2. Doormen knowing your each and every coming and going.
  3. Delivery windows.  Oh, 11-2pm?  Why don’t you just say 1:59pm ’cause we both know that’s when you’re showing up?
  4. Having to explain to everyone that, no, you are not, in fact, married.
  5. Having to pretend you remember how you know someone and that you’re super excited to see them.
  1. waving helloDating.  So much fun.
  2. The cab driver who stopped to get a slice of pizza and brought one back for me.
  3. A workout so good you’re left immobile for the following 24 hours.
  4. Doormen to collect your packages, dodge visitors, make sure axe murderers don’t follow you inside.
  5. Seeing everything come together.




images via Flickr, Flickr, PhraseMix