And we’re back.  I love New York, that’s no secret… however, it seems that there is a whole lot more to compile to the list when I’m here.  I’m going to just blame that on the sheer volume of people… not to mention, you’ve got to have a little bit of crazy in you to survive here…

new york garbage

  1. Have we ever talked about how I feel about fedoras?
  2. Looking for an apartment in New York.  No wonder people hate brokers so much (full disclosure: I have a NY Real Estate License).
  3. The girl standing still on the treadmill talking on her phone.
  4. Related: the girl using the elliptical in just her socks.
  5. Seeing cute boys on the street only to realize that he’s walking a dog smaller than yours meaning one of two things…

nyc sunset between buildings

  1. Hot days with heavy breezes.
  2. My favorite building in Manhattan. (Though I preferred it pink).
  3. Sunsets on the Hudson.
  4. Putting in headphones with no music just to be left alone.
  5. Buying a bottle of prosecco for $15 rather than paying $15 for a glass.




images via Murray Mitchell and Grub Street