Oh yes, it is, yet again, that time. In honor of the fashionistas version of Christmas (aka Fashion Night Out), this list is going to be strictly fashion and beauty related. Brace yourselves:

  1. Mandoras. (Fedora + a man wearing it = mandora). Didn’t we go through this once already with JT? I blame you, Kutcher. First the trucker hat, now this?
  2. Long toenails. I’m actually currently an offender. My Minx stayed on so long that it’s time for a trim. Ew. I hate myself.
  3. Men wearing a lot of jewelry. Mr. T was from the 80’s and even then it wasn’t cool.
  4. Dirty shoelaces. 99 cents and you’ve got a new pair!
  5. Open toe booties STILL make no sense.
  6. Backward sunglass wearers. You know who I’m talking about. Having “eyes in the back of your head” is merely a saying.
  7. Adult braces. One word: Invisalign.
  8. Cuffed jeans. Never okay. Ever.
  9. People who attend “fashion week” and are not one of the following: model, designer, editor, buyer, photographer, journalist, stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, PR, famous. Why not just stay in town for the VMA’s?
  10. You are NOT a model.

Happy Fashion Week!