glass half fullSince it’s clear that focusing on the negative does nothing but breed more negativity, I feel that it’s important to also discuss the things that make my little black heart sing.  You know, the things that bring me back from the ledge.  So, until further notice, the list will be split in two.  Pick your poison.

sad face banana

  1. Realizing that being born in 1991, makes you 21.
  2. Getting rejection letters from jobs I didn’t apply for.
  3. Streaky highlights.
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey (the trilogy).  For fifty or more reasons.
  5. Unfriendly hostesses.  I’m fairly certain that 88% of your job is smiling and being helpful.

pork luncheon happy face

  1. Spending time in a toy store.
  2. Wallpaper.  I’m itching to wallpaper something.  Anyone have a spare wall in need of paper?
  3. Standing under the steaming water of a shower just cause it feels nice.
  4. Taking all morning to eat my breakfast/drink my coffee.  Life is lovely at a leisurely pace.
  5. Happy birthday to Blake and his beautiful mama, Devan.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since you joined the party, little dude!

Until next time…




images via Doobybrain & Bananas.AreAwesome