ichat puppiesThey say you’ve gotta take the good with the bad and I’d say that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.  After all, not everyone’s life can be candy coated kisses and sparkly sprinkles all the time… nor should it be a constant shit storm.  That’s where the intricate balancing act of life comes into play.  It’s not always easy, trust me, I know.  I’ve been a little negative lately.  Weird.  No, but seriously, I’ve been a real Sally Sad Sack and while I won’t completely deprive you of my weekly rant, I do fully intend on counterbalancing it with equal parts sunshine and kitty cats.

rain cloud

  1. The “gentleman” who sat next to me on my flight wearing a tank top (mank top?).  Fine, I get it.  I see I’m not gonna win the mank top battle, but please, for heaven’s sake, save it for the beach or the gym… or put on a cardigan??
  2. Coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup.  A perfectly good way to ruin a perfectly good cup o’ joe.
  3. Tanning beds… can I offer you a smoke as well? patricia krentcil
  4. Waking up with unidentified bruises… leaving me looking like I mighta had a rough night on the main stage.
  5. Living out of a suitcase.


  1. Living out of a suitcase.
  2. Having the best friends a girl could ask for.  Good enough to miss ’em when we’re apart and good enough that they still love me through my shit storms in hopes of the next rainbow.
  3. I’m late to the party, but this never gets old.
  4. A warm and freshly washed towel awaiting me after a shower.
  5. A bed full of dogs.

Seeing as it was easier to write the “good” than it was the “bad,” I think I’m well on the way to recovery… whatever that means.