evil eye turkeyYou’ve probably heard of the “evil eye” referenced in popular culture, but did you realize it dates back over five thousand years?  From Turkey to Greece to Italy and even Ethiopia, it is one of the most widely spread superstitions.

You have also probably seen people wearing jewelry with an eye and wondered, “What’s that all about?”  Well, you should certainly know what something means before you go prancing all over town wearing it, right?  I mean, what if it meant “I’m a hooker”?  Could lead to a lot of awkward conversations, no?

It is said that the “evil eye” is a look given to a person and depending on which culture you reference, the look could inflict bad luck, disease, or even death.  That is why some people wear an eye as a talisman to ward off and protect against the evil eye.

evil eye jewelry

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So, I guess I’m gonna go drape myself in these now.  I certainly don’t need any more bad luck.