broken chains
Ever have one of those weeks where it seems like nothing is working?  It’s like everywhere you go, everything you do… something is broken.  It’s enough to make even the most well adjusted individual go a little bit cuckoo.  It seems you just can not catch a break… or maybe you’ve caught too many?

  1. Breaking the ice.
  2. Breaking a nail a mere fifteen minutes after a fresh manicure.
  3. Broken hooks in bathroom stalls leaving you with nowhere to put your purse and forcing you to hold onto your Balenciaga while you hover.
  4. Broken hearts.
  5. The train breaking down while you’re stuck underground and you’re sandwiched between a man eating a salami sandwich and a woman filing her nails.
  6. Broken stoplights causing complete and utter chaos ’cause no one has the good sense to take turns.
  7. Broken promises.
  8. Eyeliner breaking mid application sending shards of synthetic materials right into your retina… leading to tear stained cheeks and an appearance resembling that of a Cezanne watercolor
  9. Broken dreams.
  10. Being broke.

Well, if it ain’t broke…