Now that it is officially December, let the holiday melee begin.  Not only do you have to find everyone on your holiday shopping list the perfect gift, you’re going to have to show up to give it to them.  And well, that’s probably going to require your attendance at many a fab holiday soiree.  So, why not start with one of the most obvious choices?  The Little Red Dress.  Now, let’s get one thing straight.  Every couple of seasons or so, someone tries to dub another color the “New Little Black Dress.”  Get real.  There is no such thing as the “New Little Black Dress.”  It’ll never happen.  The Little Black Dress is like the Queen of England- not going anywhere. HOWEVER, during this magical month, it is fun to swap out basic black for a color more festive… like Santa’s famous red suit.  (He wears black the rest of the year, FYI).  Also, you dont have to go for the oh so obvious fire engine red.  Try a deeper shade or perhaps even a pattern.

1. Emerson Thorpe Solid Tassels Dress, $286, 2. BB Dakota Kassia Dress, $105, 3. Tibi Floral Print Silk Gazaar Dress, $570, 4. Madison Marcus Triumph Bustier Dress, $315, 5. Lanvin Silk Gazar Dress, $3,990, 6. Vena Cava Youth Dress, $485, 7. Free People Printed Bodycon Dress, $68, 8. French Connection Drape Delight Asymmetric Dress, $259.99, 9. Forever 21 Scoop Back Lace Tank Dress, $24.80, 10. Jill Stuart Silk Chiffon Dress, $298