It seems that red is the color of the season.  Whether it be Emmy gowns or accessories, everyone is trying out this hot hue.  If you don’t have a gala to go to and merely painting your nails crimson isn’t doing the trick, why not incorporate red into your everyday wardrobe?  Now, my friends often laugh at me cause I never get rid of any of my clothes… but the joke’s on you this time, ladies.  When I went home to visit my mom, I found these lovely red trousers just hanging out (literally) in the closet.  See, what goes around comes around… or perhaps I was just ahead of my time.  Anyway, red pants are a wonderful way to bring fall’s hottest color to your world.  Now, I’ve seen some stylists suggest the safe route of pairing your pants with a neutral of just grey or black, but I think that’s kind of boring.  I prefer to have a little fun with it.  I mean, you’re already wearing red pants.  (Plus, this is a great way to try out that whole colorblocking thing).

If you’re ready to try this look be sure to keep tone in mind.  If the red is more orange red, opt for a warm tone.  Might I suggest pink?  If the red is a more blue red, go for a cool shade- perhaps purple.  Use your head… or a color wheel and ground your look with black accessories.

1. Signature Tank, $125, 2.  Express Ultimate Double Weave Columnist Pant, $79.90, 3. Hello Kitty Silicone Watch, $45, 4. Balenciaga Arena Classic Velo, $1,445, 5. Lanvin Asymmetrical Round Toe Pump, $975

Are you red-dy?