Another trend from the oh so styling 70’s are the infamous hotpants.  While the originals are hardly suitable for public viewing, I’ve interpreted them into my own fashion.  I love denim, but how many different washes and cuts can you have before growing bored?  By adding some color to your denim game you can really switch things up.  Now your bottom isn’t the “neutral” and you’ve added an instant pop to any outfit.

Add a floral patterned top or a sheer neutral blouse to your “hot pants” to balance the bold.  A pair of strappy neutral or metallic high heeled (platform) sandals will finish off your look and have you doing the hustle in no time.

1. Rich & Skinny Bikini Flare Jeans, $156, 2. Rag & Bone Zipper Skinny Jeans, $198, 3. Dittos Skinny Suzie, $180, 4. Rich & Skinny Bikini Crop, $172, 5. Vince Five Pocket Skinny Pants, $225, 6. American Apparel Unisex Mineral Wash Stretch Bull Denim Slim Slack, $74

get down on it.



Photo via Martin Klasch