Several brides have recently decked their wedding parties out in white (Kate, Kate, Kim). I’ve been a fan of this look for quite some time, but it seems to be shocking to some, however, this is nothing new in British culture. It is said that traditionally, the bridesmaids and other attendants wore white so as to “confuse” and ward off evil spirits. Alright, well, that’s a little ridiculous, but there’s no denying it– an all white wedding party looks incredibly fresh and chic. So what about your wedding guests?

When the first wedding photos from Kim’s wedding emerged, there was much buzz regarding Lindsay Lohan in a sexy white Jenny Packham gown. I thought to myself, “Go figure. It’s Lindsay Lohan.” Thankfully, it was soon released that said wedding had a “black and white” dress code, so Lindsay wasn’t being her typically sloppy self. Phew! There’s one thing Kim K and I can agree on. I love a good dress code. That’s all we’ve got though. Anyway, what I am really wondering about is whether or not you think wearing white to a wedding other than your own is a major fashion faux pas. Thoughts?

Here comes the bridesmaid!