Blair’s been there.  Carrie’s been there.  Even I have been there.  It’s the inner struggle between good and evil.  The choice between the good guy and the guy who makes your hair stand on end.  You know what I’m talking about.  There is the guy who you know will make a great boyfriend, great husband, great father and then there is the guy who makes your stomach flip flop when you hear the mere mention of his name.

We have all met the guys who are perfect on paper.  Good job, good family, good looking.  All reasonable logic would tell you, “Pick him! PICK! HIM!” but then there is that pesky little thing called lust.

For Blair, Dan is a complete departure from her usual type.  As a matter of fact, he is the epitome of all that is awful in her world.  Chuck on the other hand is cut from the same cloth as Ms. Waldorf.  But is Blair fighting against the very thing that she actually needs?  Are we programmed to think that we “need” one thing when in reality what we actually need is something completely different?

I’m fairly certain that women’s hearts around the world broke when Carrie ditched Aidan… not once, but twice in Sex and the City.  He was tall, dark, and most certainly handsome.  Not to mention, he was a man’s man who was good with his hands.  Carrie, WTF?  But alas, our heroine sauntered off into the sunset yet again with Mr. Big.  I can’t lie, there is something eternally endearing about Mr. Big (don’t we all have our very own Mr. Big?), but we all know he is nothing but trouble.  Was Carrie really in love or was she just addicted to the struggle?

So is there an answer to the age old question?  Head or heart?  Do good guys always finish last?

I like to think I got lucky and wound up with both head and heart.