While in the checkout line the other day, my fiance asked me, “Babe, who is that?” while pointing at the cover of a glossy tabloid.  I looked over my shoulder quickly and answered, “Jessica Alba.”

I looked again at the headline and was baffled.  What wedding?  Only then did I notice that it was not, in fact, the lovely Jessica Alba.  I stared harder.

But, of course.  It was the tabloid queen, Kim Kardashian.  I had never thought that Kim and Jessica looked alike, however, this magazine cover was like looking at Jess’s twin sister.  This got me to thinking about a couple of things.  One being that Hollywood and the magazines who love it are spending far too much time in post production fixing up photos.  The other is the sad amount of cosmetic procedures taking place every single day.  Not only (but mainly) in La La Land, but all over the country.  Why is it that everyone is trying to look like some sort of predetermined perfect mold of a woman?  When did having a little bit of facial character become such a bad thing?  Isn’t there anything to be said for having your own “look”?  What’s the point of being famous if you’re being mistaken for someone else?

I think the moral of the story here, kids, is to love the way you look and emphasize your differences rather than try and hide them.



Photos via Modern Salon, Posh24