This past weekend we met some friends for dinner in Culver City.  We tried a place that none of us had been – to save the embarrassment it will remain nameless.  The company was great.  The food, not so much.

To try and make up for our hellacious dinner, we headed over a few blocks to the Culver Hotel to grab a drink.  I obviously had never heard of the place, but was pleased upon arrival.  It looked like an old building in Tribeca and the room where the hotel bar was located had soaring ceilings and all of the old world charm from when it opened back in 1924.  Not only is the room impressive, so is the history.  With more rumored scandal surrounding it than Lindsay Lohan, just being in the place makes you feel like a part of the legend.  Some of the stories include hidden passageways during prohibition to sneak in women and booze, housing the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz, and late night high stake poker games.  Talk about old Hollywood.

I would definitely try and avoid showing up during the “live entertainment” however.  There was live singing halfway through our visit and not only did it clear the place out, it didn’t suit the vibe of the room or the crowd.  We couldn’t wait to finish our cocktails and hit the yellow brick road.

Can’t make it to the Culver?  Sip on this:

Marilyn Monroe:

  • 1oz apple brandy
  • 4oz champagne or sparkling wine
  • 1 dash grenadine syrup
  • cherry

off to see the Wizard!