For Hollywood’s leading ladies, the Academy Awards are the Super Bowl of fashion.  While they’ve been trying out different looks during the Emmy’s and the Golden Globes and even the Grammy’s, tonight is their big night.  It’s do or die time.  Something I’ve noticed is that these stunning starlets have been able to snag looks literally right off the runways.  So, I did some hunting and gathering from Fall 2011’s runways to find some fabulous frocks that I would love to see make their way down the red carpet this weekend.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to go wrong in black.  However, black can sometimes be seen as dull and predictable.  These gorgeous frocks are anything but boring with embellishments, lace, and layers of tulle.

I love color on the red carpet.  While we’ve seen quite a bit of red and pink, I would love to see more blue and even more of the green that was such a big trend at the Golden Globes.  These dresses actually reminded me of peacock feathers and were a different take on patterns and texture.  I could see some of the more daring ladies slipping into some of these glorious gowns.

One trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon (which makes me very happy) is the metallic trend.  Whether it’s a shiny silver or a cool copper, there are sure to be several beauties wearing frocks with shimmer.

While I may or may not be dead on with these red carpet predictions, at least they’re something pretty to look at during your Friday afternoon homestretch to the weekend.



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