I did not report on every last detail of New York Fashion Week- I like to leave that to the style obsessed.  My MO is to sit back, digest, filter out the garbage and focus on the fabulous.  Anyway, this week’s Friday Frocks is dedicated to all the beautiful creations that made their way down the runway this past week.  When I think of decadent, delicious frocks, I think of Vera, and Monique, and Oscar (oh my!).  I have to say, it’s kind of like someone read my mind, reached up to the heavens and pulled down these pretty pieces to fill me with girlish delight.  My very favorite colors are those of sunsets and evening skies, so I was beside myself to see all these beautiful frocks derived from that color palette.

Fall 2011 is shaping up to be a very stylish season.  I look forward to watching the starlets storm the red carpets in these beautiful frocks.

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