It’s no secret that Jennifer Love Hewitt is A) a little bit loopy and B) hasn’t had the best luck in the dating department.  So, it comes as no surprise that she created quite a bit of buzz in a recent interview.  When she appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, she revealed that she’s got three different rings at Tiffany’s all picked out for her future betrothed.

Now, in reality, most young ladies all have a certain ring in mind when they think about the “big question” being popped.  So, there is certainly a chance that we may have left subtle hints lying around or have pointed out a ring we like on someone else’s finger.  Some of us may have even delegated a close friend (with good taste) as the “go to” gal if your beau should have any questions or need guidance.  I think all of that is normal.

However, the way Ms. Hewitt approached the topic was totally tacky and what sparked all the buzz.  Picking her rings from Tiffany’s was her first rookie mistake in my humble opinion.  I mean, could you be any more predictable and dull?  Probs not.  The real issue lies within her comments about not wanting to be “disappointed” with her ring.  Did we not already cover this? Yo, Jen Love?   Perhaps if you spent more time picking out a stellar stud, you could spend less time worrying about a gemological dud.

So, is it wrong to make a finger bling wish list? Or is it just plain tacky?

well, good luck, JLove.