The end of 2010 is quickly approaching and we’re all getting a little nostalgic. Every year, people set unrealistic expectations for the upcoming year promising to exercise more, work harder, and generally be better people. I don’t see anything wrong with reflecting on the past year, but perhaps promising yourself something totally outrageous is a bit overzealous.

It seems like a good idea in theory, but how many people are successful with their resolutions? Oh, I should be fluent in French, weight 14 lbs, and have a wallet that doesn’t fit in my purse by now but that didn’t seem to happen.  Whoops. So what are some realistic resolutions? Why not vow to stay in touch with old friends and family?  Perhaps try taking up an interesting exercise class or start a new hobby.  Telling yourself you’re going to cure cancer or cellulite might end up in disappointment. (Though I’d like someone to go ahead and cure both).

So what do you think? Will you be making a New Year’s resolution or not?