So, in the last two days, I have received SEVERAL inquiries as to why I have not yet discussed the latest heinous “As Seen On TV” product… Pajama Jeans.  Well, the fact of the matter is, my friends, I covered this. Let’s take a moment to revisit the post here.

That’s right. Almost a year ago, I saw these satanic excuses for pants on TV and had hoped they would just: Go. Away.  It seemed they did for awhile, but as of late I’m beginning to think that Pajama Jeans received a second round of Pajama Jean financing and amped up their marketing efforts.  Now, every fifteen minutes, there is a commercial for these walking fire hazards. I really don’t have it in me to “expand” on this topic. Just don’t let me catch you wearing them. I will be forced to find the closest sharp object and impale your heart with it.

So, don’t worry. I’m aware of the situation. I’m just going to continue pretending it isn’t there in hopes that it will just Go. Away.