Oh yes… the dreaded gift for your man.  This can prove a bit tricky, but here are a few no fail options. No matter what stage of dating you are in, you’ve gotta pull some kind of rabbit out of your hat. Now, I shouldn’t have to clarify, but I will… Start at the top of the list the longer you’ve been dating. If you’ve only been dating a short time, start at the bottom. You don’t need to buy your boo a yacht after only three weeks in the sack. Creep-y!

Sony Internet Connectable Wifi Built In Blu Ray Disc Player with Google TV, $399.99

Double Automatic Watch Winder, $149.95

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, $89.99


Customize Your Own Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Tops, $62

Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Collection, $50

Hopside Down Beer Glass, $24.95

Sure to please.