So, I meant to write about this a while ago… actually as soon as I’d seen the promotional commercial for it. Bridalplasty. What the $*#&? Really?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, (and I applaud you if that’s the case) Bridalplasty is a show on E! where the contestants are competing not only for  dream wedding worth $100,000, but also a brand new face and body.  I attempted to watch the entire show, but I could only get through a portion. Part of that had to do with the sheer ridiculousness of it all and the other part was my inability to stare at Shanna Moakler’s poorly done yellow hair. (I mean, forget Botox, a good dye job can do wonders).  Anyway, most of the girls on the show are already pretty. There is nothing wrong with them. These are not deformed women who have experienced traumatic accidents and disfigurement. I mean, they’re no Heidi or Giselle’s, but really, who is?

Good lord, women! Did you learn nothing from Heidi Montag? Last I checked, she wants her old face back! I have heard of bridezillas and about girls getting cah-raaaaazy about their weddings, but I think this has taken things a bit (and by a bit I mean quantum leaps) too far. I know every little girl wants to look pretty for her big white wedding, however, getting a whole new appearance just seems sick. Why not just hire a body double?  Life isn’t an episode of Nip/Tuck. Would you go under the knife for your big day?