Strange things happen when I peruse the internet looking at Google images… I start out looking for one thing and then I land on some type of gold mine. For instance, today I was still feeling ultra slothy and was Googling images of these cute little mammals. Then I tried to decide what celeb looked like a sloth. Mischa Barton, obvs.

As I scrolled through pics of Mishca, thinking how pretty she used to be when she was just Marissa on the OC, I realized she had a striking resemblance to someone other than a sloth:

Tell me I’m wrong. I dare you. Mischa looks so startlingly similar to Kirstie Alley in this photo that I feel like I’m slightly psychic. Is this what it feels like? Weird. Anyway, Mischa and Kirstie share more than just similar faces. Both have battled with fluctuating weight and both love to swap between blonde and brown locks. I’m gonna go ahead and let you guys vote… though I already  know the outcome (I told you I’m psychic):



Btw, it is complete and utter coincidence that I’m currently watching Cheers (the Rebecca era).