Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Christina Aguilera. I have loved that woman since the moment she popped out of her genie bottle back in 1999! I was Team Christina through and through. She could do no wrong in my book. Not even when she decided to get a bit “dirrty.”

So, it pains me more than you can imagine to have to ask, “What the HELL happened to her?” I know that Xtina has been going through some rough times in her personal life, but didn’t she get the memo? Looking GOOD is the best revenge. And while her love life may be sucking, her career is still on fi-yah. She is set to star in Burlesque and she just got her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Needless to say, that’s a lot of red carpet appearances. Well, lately, she looks like my dog has been styling her… with his tongue (although that’s an insult to my dog).

How can such a pretty girl let herself look like this? Did Jordan Bratman take all the mirrors with him in the split?

The premiere of Burlesque should have been her time to shine…. however, she looks like a big green head of lettuce. Sad lettuce. She would have been better off pulling from the costume department like Cher.

Ugh. Christina… COME ON! Pull. It. Together.

Let’s just take a stroll down memory lane…

Despite everything, you bet your ass I will be in line to see Burlesque on November 24th.